Go Play Outside!


It’s not that I’m out of shape. Exercising is just super duper boring to me — My brain needs something more stimulating than repetitive movements for an hour.  Thankfully, I learned that simply going outside to play is all the exercise I actually need! Turns out, I can do any of the following activities and burn 500 calories in just ONE HOUR!

  1. Clean the House
  2. Do Some Gardening
  3. Go Skiing or Rock Climbing
  4. Go Ice Skating or Roller Skating
  5. Go Dancing or Take Dance Lessons
  6. Play Racquetball, Rugby,Basketball, or Tennis
  7. Play Volleyball, Football,Golf, or Frisbee
  8. Mow the Lawn
  9. Play Guitar (Standing) or Hula Hoop
  10. Shovel Snow
  11. Practice Martial Arts
  12. Go for a Brisk Walk or Run
  13. Ride a Horse
  14. Go Play With your Kids
  15. Go Bowling or Swimming
  16. Kayak or Paddle Board
  17. Go Surfing or Boogie Boarding
  18. Go Water skiing or Snorkeling
  19. Ride a Bike
  20. Work on the Car

Need more calorie burning activity ideas? Check out this nifty article I found