Don’t Do Drugs!

You need to know about CBD!


Cannabidiol (CBD) oil comes from the cannabis plant family, and it has so many amazing health benefits. CBD is found in both hemp and marijuana, which are two different plants. Marijuana, unfortunately, has the problem of also containing THC, which causes people to get high. The THC content in hemp, however, is basically nonexistent. It won’t even show up on a drug test (if that’s your worry).


Hemp will get you healthy… not high!

Hemp has incredible healing powers, and there are no psychoactive effects whatsoever. It’s been around since the 90’s, and it’s completely safe and legal! You can find hemp clothing, hemp bath products, and all kinds of other things. There’s no negative reaction or toxicity, so it’s safe to take larger doses if you want to.

It’s not a drug, it’s a food!

Hemp is a plant that contains CBD molecules, and CBD oil is simply a supplement– not a drug. Some other foods like chocolate and truffles even have CBD molecules, but the hemp is the highest known source. CBD works with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) which regulates the other systems like the nervous system and adrenal system. It actually feeds those systems in your body and regulates their functions. That’s why CBD is so powerful and beneficial!


And unlike pain meds or opioids, CBD oil is not addictive and there are no withdrawals if you stop taking it. “Big Pharma” is actually trying to patent CBD, but because they can’t patent a natural substance, they are trying to make a synthetic version. Not only is the synthetic form made out of toxic coal tar, but it’s also missing all of the other extracts and nutrients that come in the hemp plant.


We go to the doctor most commonly for pain, anxiety, sleep issues, inflammatory issues, or mood issues…

CBD helps with ALL OF THESE!!

  • CBD regulates your nerves to reduce pain, so you can get rid of those addictive pain meds that are toxic and dangerous. CBD heals naturally with no side effects! It also calms and relaxes the nervous system, helping with anxiety, fear, worry, panic attacks, and even PTSD. You can feel the results immediately!
  • CBD calms and relaxes your bowels, helping with leaky gut, IBS, or Crohn’s disease. No need for liver damaging steroids!
  • CBD helps with sleep by calming and relaxing your body and nerves. Sleep is crucial for health and repair of your body!
  • CBD improves your mood. You’ll instantly feel your brain fog lift and you’ll begin functioning better. No more antidepressants!
  • CBD protects the body, even during chemotherapy and radiation. It heals also the body after these invasive forms of treatment. It actually restores your body tissues and cells!
  • CBD is an antimicrobial. It kills off infections like strep and staff. It can even be applied topically as an antibacterial!
  • CBD regulates your immune system, calming your cells and tissues to function at normal levels!
  • CBD is anti-tumor! Researched and proven, it actually causes cancer cells to actually destroy themselves!

So how do you take CBD as a supplement?


There are lots of CBD products that come in the form of capsules, creams, balms, or liquids. Different people need different amounts, and Everyone’s need is different. It’s based on the health of your systems, your body’s cannabinoid deficiencies, and your state of health. Play with the dosage and find the dosage that works for you– You can always increase until you feel the effect! There are no known interactions, so it’s safe to take with blood thinners and other medications. Start with 15mg twice a day for general health, or take 90mg daily for more severe pain or health issues.

There are no toxic side effects, and it works for everyone!

CBD products can be costly, but they’re worth it compared to what you’d be spending at the doctor’s office. Products can range anywhere from $25-$300: some brands are more expensive than others because of the purity and the effectiveness of the product. You don’t want to get TOO cheap, though, or you’ll end up wasting money on a less effective product.

If you’re not into those expensive high end products, try the happy middle product that I found: HEMPWORX. Start with a small bottle to try it out, then jump to the bigger bottles to get the savings. There are also flavored products available if you don’t like that grassy hemp taste.

Discover how it can help heal some of your biggest complaints including chronic pain, anxiety, sleep, depression, digestive disorders, tumors, cancer, and more!

Everyone should be taking this… even your pets!