Hamburger Steak on Mashed Potatoes with Mushroom Gravy

This is a nice cozy dinner for a cold rainy night. It’s meaty and hearty. And who doesn’t love gravy, am I right? If you’re going low carb, you can easily swap out the potatoes for mashed cauliflower. Delish!


  • Potatoes or cauliflower florets
  • Sour cream
  • Butter
  • Frozen hamburger patties
  • Sliced Mushrooms
  • Jar of beef gravy

Boil the potatoes or cauliflower in seasoned water or broth until tender. Drain and mash with a potato masher, then mix in butter and sour cream until creamy and smooth. Season with some salt and pepper.

In a frying pan, season and sautee the mushrooms in some oil or butter over medium heat until cooked. Pour in the gravy and add pepper. Simmer for a couple of minutes, and then pour the mushroom gravy into a bowl to set aside.

Add the burger patties to the now empty frying pan, and season them. When the patties are plenty browned on the bottom, flip them over. Pour the mushroom gravy on top of the frying patties and simmer until the patties are fully cooked through.

Load some mashed potatoes or cauliflower onto a plate. Place a burger patty on top, and then scoop a hefty serving of mushroom gravy over it all. Garnish with some parsley flakes for color, if you’d like. Enjoy!

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