Need more money?

Want better health?


Use the search tool or browse my list of recipes to find cheap, healthy dinner ideas and stick to your budgeting and health goals.

The quickest way to having more money in your bank account is to stop spending so much in the first place. These days, the cost of one healthy plate at a restaurant is literally quadruple what you’d pay to cook the same thing at home. The choice is a no-brainer!! Cooking at home is not only cheaper, but it’s also way healthier than eating at restaurants. Don’t believe me? Use any diet app to compare your favorite meal at a restaurant to a home cooked version.

Unfortunately, the convenience of restaurant delivery and take-out has caused our generation to forget how much better home cooked food is for our wallets and our health. I cook just about every night for my family of three, but I also work a full time job, and i’m not exactly rich. I’ve really had to develop the skill of cooking a quick weeknight meal using healthy ingredients found at the cheapest stores. It’s a skill that can be most useful for both individuals and families alike… THAT MEANS YOU!

Use the search tool in the menu or browse my list of recipes to quickly find cheap, healthy dinner ideas and stick to your budgeting and health goals. You’ll find the recipes to be very easy to prepare, with little cooking time. I’ve kept the recipes short and to the point — I’m not here to write, I’m here to get you cooking! I’ve also included the approximate cost and calorie count per plate, just so you can compare it to your favorite restaurant items. You’ll be blown away by the difference!

Join me in this challenge to get richer and healthier using the simple magic of a home cooked meal!